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AppNeta is a computer software company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with research and development based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"unprofessional to say the least"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Where to begin: don’t let the fact that Bain invested $16 million in this company or that SolarWinds, another Bain company, the company they were supposedly competing against and whose product they constantly trashed on, also invested in them fool you- there is a reason why no new investors have come on board. Zero continuity within the organization. Every department does things their own way, since management has no set processes in place. This is a major reason why the company is losing money and why customers routinely churn. If you have a pulse, you will get hired. Recent college grads make up the majority of the sales floor. Most of them are only there for a paycheck, and don’t put in any real work. This, combined with NO training and NO guidance by management = the company not hitting its number. This should not be happening, especially having technology that is actually pretty good. They frown upon you having an opinion. It’s called a “start up”, but if you have an opinion of your own and express any sort of dissatisfaction to the wrong person, you will get ratted on. Two grown men cannot have a conversation regarding major changes that were taking place without one of them getting over sensitive about the truth and crying about it to the VP. If you are a robot with no sense of self worth, this is the place for you. Marketing is comprised of a handful of rich and spoiled 20 somethings who come in after 10, leave at 4 and take an hour and a half lunch break. Seeing them at their desk is a rarity, and when they are they spend their time either on Facebook or not distributing the “leads” that come in through 3rd, 4th, and 10th party websites who have no idea AppNeta exists. Commissions are not always paid on time, and management will constantly try to find ways NOT to pay them in full. As it turns out, the smartest people at AppNeta are the several who quit after a week because, in their words, “this place sucks”. Extremely high turnover on all levels, especially in sales. They place no value on employees who actually care and are willing to put the work in. I challenge anyone who interviews there to bring any of these things up. They will either A. Try to get around the topic, or B. Say that the opinions of one person do not reflect the company. The truth is these are the feelings of both current and former employees. If you need further proof, look at any one of the sales people in the eye- they will remind you of a neglected dog from an ASPCA commercial. Everyone is miserable, but they stay because A. “it’s a paycheck”, or B. they hope things will get better."

Former Employee - Sales says

"pretty much everything - no one hits targets, targets always change, atmosphere is horrible and "leadership" (used as loosely as possible) is worse. part of the dilemma here is that if you write too little then it is assumed that you are just an idiot that couldn't hack it. if you write too much then you're just sour grapes. listen to the other reviews on here.. would this many people REALLY go through the trouble of signing up, confirming their email account and writing a review if they didn't feel strongly about how miserable this place is? also, do you really think that a couple of spunky 5star reviews written by management can hold a candle to the onslaught of negativity expressed by current and former employees? uhhh no. they will find a way to micromanage while being detached enough to not know what's going on. they will change company strategies at least 3 times per year… for example, last year they were running a targeting campaign against a competitor. next thing you know they are receiving money from the competitor. one quarter they are selling to enterprise, the next to integrators, the next to government entities. hiring and firing for each specific target as if people don't matter. it's not just the 'underling' that they churn through. how many directors of sales can you go through in 18 months? what about marketing execs? do you even know who you are marketing to? who buys your product? is your product network or application? oh wait i know!!! it's the best thing ever and every company should buy it!!! that's it!! it's easy!!!! bottom line, if you want to start your career with no training, no guidance, an inappropriate atmosphere, execs that either have no idea what they are doing or just have no idea what they are doing, then this is place."

sales (Current Employee) says

"Great Culture, Great product, easy to get to from the train. Only one bathroom for all the men. The hardest part of my job was not being acceptedManagmentNone"